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Sacramento, Califorina 95825

Phone: (916) 226-6876

Phone: (916) 333-1511

Welcome to Compassion Health Network

Our Commitment

At Compassion Health Network we believe in providing excellent patient care. We would like to make sure that our patient always come first and they have a relaxing experience at our clinic. We aspire to create an environment which promotes growth and independence for patients and caregivers.

Our commitment is to make the process as smooth as possible.

We believe in patient-centered care, which means that the patient can and should make the decisions. We provides professional expertise to educate patients about their diagnosis and treatment plan options. We empower patients to adopt a healthy lifestyle through incremental change.

Thanks for Visiting

Our Vision

We believe that psychiatric medications are a tool. To achieve mind-body wellness, one must learn to self-care and set boundaries in one’s work and professional lives.

In the future we plan to offer more extended services in the areas

of nutrition, exercise and counseling services.