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Dr Abdul Qadir

Dr. Abdul Qadir
Board Certified Psychiatrist

Dr. Abdul Qadir is a board certified General Psychiatrist. He has finished his Psychiatry Residency from North Dakota. He has worked with Adults, Geriatric and Adolescent population. He has worked in Community and Private Setting.

He also has Research experience and has published in Psychiatry Journal (Qadir, A, Haider N. Duloxetine Withdrawal Seizure. Psychiatry 2006. 2006 Sep; 3(9): 10).

He also has teaching experience and has given lectures on different Psychiatric topics. He also has trained medical students in the past.

He has also served as a Medical Director in Children and Adolescent Treatment Facility in Washington State and as an Interim Medical Director of Sierra Vista Hospital in Sacramento Area.

Currently he is working at Sutter Center for Psychiatry Hospital and also at Sutter Counseling Center where he takes care of Patients from all ages.

Dr. Qadir approach to mental health care involves integrating multiple disciplines and cultivating a holistic perspective of his patient’s well-being. He takes a special interest in how dietary changes and exercising can strengthen overall mental health.