Thanks for visiting our website.

Thanks for visiting our website.

At Compassion Health Network we believe in providing excellent patient care. We would like to make sure that our patient always come first, and they have a relaxing experience at our clinic. We aspire to create an environment which promotes growth and independence for patients and caregivers.

We believe in patient-centered care, which means that the patient can and should make the decisions. We provide professional expertise to educate patients about their diagnosis and treatment plan options. We empower patients to adopt a healthy lifestyle through incremental change.

We use Electronic Medical Software system that will also help us provide better documentation. We will also be able to electronically prescribed medications and electronically fax the labs order. You will also have access of Patient portal and can communicate with us in a secured fashion. You will also be able to schedule your appointment online also.

We will also add Educational Videos and Content on our website.


We believe that psychiatric medications are a tool. To achieve mind-body wellness, one must learn to self-care and set boundaries in one’s work and professional lives.

In the future we plan to offer more extended services in the areas of nutrition, exercise and counseling services.


Dr. Abdul Qadir is a board-certified General Psychiatrist. He has finished his Psychiatry Residency from North Dakota. He has practiced in multiple clinical settings, both in hospital systems and alternative treatment centers, and integrates these approaches into an individualized, evidence-based practice.

He also has Research experience and has published in Psychiatry Journal (Qadir, A, Haider N. Duloxetine Withdrawal Seizure. Psychiatry 2006. 2006 Sep; 3(9): 10)

He also has teaching experience and has given lectures on different Psychiatric topics. He also has trained medical students in the past.

He has also served as a Medical Director in Children and Adolescent Treatment Facility in Washington State and as an Interim Medical Director of Sierra Vista Hospital in Sacramento Area. He also served as the Chief of Medical Staff at Heritage Oaks Hospital. 

Currently he is working at Fremont Hospital  where he is involved in taking care of Adult and Adolescent Patients. 

Dr. Qadir has also worked with Pacific Evaluations to conduct Independent Medical Evaluations (IME) in Sacramento Area. The focus of IME was to provide evidence-based and justifiable opinions for work-related and personal injuries.

Dr. Qadir approach to mental health care involves integrating multiple disciplines and cultivating a holistic perspective of his patient’s well-being. He takes a special interest in how dietary changes and exercising can strengthen overall mental health.